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Customize Your Room

Our variety of soundproofing options will allow you to pattern and deaden your room at your own leisure.

Multi-Purpose Soundproofing Foam Panels, Bass Traps and Accessories

Create a Neutral Response Environment to the sound frequencies in any room.


Will be a "sound" you'll be used to after using our products.

Soundproofing Solutions

Our soundproofing products help reduce your noisy environments and let you work, study or relax in peace and quiet.

Here's an Example


I booked a lead in one of Japan's most renown Sci-Film Franchises using Audio Soundproofing's products!

Kyle R., Voice Actor

I can no longer hear the dogs barking next door. Thank you so much!!

Michael P., Freelancer

My recordings now sound crisp and clean and my roommates aren't angry at me anymore when I play my guitar. You're awesome!

Sharon M., Guitarist

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