9 Types of Acoustic Soundproofing Foam and Where to Buy it!


Curious to know about the many types of multi-purpose soundproof foam materials or where to buy it? Look no further, this blog will tell it all!

Acoustic soundproofing foam will help you eliminate echoes and diminish sound frequencies that are vibrating in your room. Sounds vibrate most off flat walls with no texture and off solid floors and ceilings. If a floor or room has ceramic, it will echo louder and the sound will carry heavier and further. 

Acoustic Soundproofing Foam is used to maximize on "flattening" the sound in your room so when you record or play back music, the sounds do not echo throughout the room. 

Sound frequencies are of high and low nature. Low frequencies are most deadly in squared corners so corner solutions aka bass traps are what you'll need to stop those low frequencies from vibrating all over the place.

The foam comes in various sizes of thickness and length. The thicker and longer they are, the higher sound absorption they will have. 

Here are a list of all the various types of acoustic foam treatments that will help stop the sound frequencies from vibrating throughout the room.

If you'd like to be able to purchase them, feel free to click words which are hyperlinked to the merchandise display with images and description with various sizes. 

1) Corner Solutions are used to absorb deep & low frequency waves and bass vibrations that echo most in corners of the room. These bass traps are great for any room size and are mounted at 90 degree angles.

Any rooms that have multiple walls and extreme bass issues, we suggest bass traps in ever corner.

Acoustic Soundproof Foam Corner Solutions

1A) Acoustic Bass Traps are rigid corner solutions that will split up the bass frequencies as they enter the corners of the room and are the most common used in rooms, especially recording studios. Mounts at a 90 degree angle. 

They also pair quite nicely as general sound absorbers and with the two absorber options below.

Acoustic Soundproof Foam Bass Traps

1B) Acoustic Corner Blocks can be placed in the corner of each room to stop the low frequencies (bass) from doing the most damage. Mounts at a 90 degree angle.

Acoustic Soundproof Foam Corner Blocks (Square)Acoustic Soundproof Foam Corner blocks

1C) Male / Female Broadband Absorbers are long strips of ribbed, reversed cut foam that can be mounted on the walls and are best used on the opposite side of which direction the bass in the room is traveling. They are cut in a yin/yang pattern.

Acoustic Soundproof Foam Male & Female Broadband Absorbers

2) Eggcrate Foam is good for a general foam to place on walls to decently stop both high and low frequencies. It gets it's name because it simply looks like an eggcrate. It is a good option for those on a budget but for those that need precision, we suggest the options below.

Acoustic Soundproof Eggcrate Foam

3) Acoustic Pyramid Foam is similar to wedge foam in that it's high durability and great performance choice for deadening sound at an affordable price. It has a slightly different characteristic for absorbing sound than the wedge since it has four edges instead of two.

It absorbs slightly less sound but has different usage styles. This material is great for basic soundproofing needs for moderate sound control preferable on walls or ceilings. This material is better for basic usage for sound deadening and is not recommended for extreme audio soundproofing needs. It is most effective in mid-to-high ranges of frequencies. 

 Acoustic Soundproof Pyramid Foam Acoustic Soundproof Pyramid Foam

4) Acoustic Triangle Wedge Foam is the most popular acoustic foam which outperforms and outlasts the "competition" at affordable pricing. Because the foam is machine cut, you can expect it to be nearly identical, side to side. Wedge foam provides outstanding sound absorption qualities, a professional appearance and minimal installation effort.

The wedge foam is effective against flutter echoes and standing waves in rooms such as vocal booths, control rooms and studios. The triangle wedge is also a great full frequency bandwidth absorber for any size of room when it's paired with corner blocks, bass traps or male/female broadband absorbers. They can also help absorb sound frequencies omitting from the other side of doors or by building panels that can moved around instead of mounted on walls.

Acoustic Soundproof Triangle Foam Acoustic Soundproof Triangle Foam

5) Acoustic Sheets & Grids are the cleanest and simplest way to sound deadening because they have been aesthetically tiled to help reduce the sonic waves bouncing around the room. There are three types, acoustic grids, sheets and waves which all are cut in different dimensions to split the different frequencies in different ways. 

They are large enough to cover large amounts of space on a wall in one fell swoop making them easier to install and less hassle for mounting. If you were to expand your studio (or room), they would never lose their patterns and would still keep their visual continuity. 

Acoustic Gride Soundproof Foam Acoustic Spade Soundproof Foam Acoustic Wave Soundproof Foam

6) Drop Ceiling Tiles are mounted on the roof to deaden any sounds from the top of roof outside from entering the room and the sounds from within the room from echoing off the roof. 

Acoustic Soundproof Foam Drop Ceiling Tiles

7) Monitor Isolation Wedges can be placed under the monitor speakers to keep them from vibrating their sound frequencies through the objects they are sitting on and to keep them from moving as well. 

Acoustic Soundproof Foam Monitor Isolation Wedges


Hopefully this has answered your questions but if you have more, feel free to comment in the box below or send us an email using our contact form! We always look forward to helping you and making your life easier.