"Quality Over Quantity": 5 Ways to Measure if you're getting a Quality Deal

Have you ever spent money on something only to realize it wasn't quite what you expected or the results weren't as advertised? Maybe you searched for the cheapest option hoping to save money but realized the quality wasn't to your standards? This can often times lead to frustration, having to purchase another similar product which costs more and then if possible, return the original item or eat the costs of the original purchase. This can be frustrating, and we're here to help!
We believe in "Quality over Quantity" in both physical and metaphorical sense. 
Quality can be determined by the quality of products, service, presentation and "best bang for your buck". Here are a few ways we measure "Quality over Quantity". 
  1. Durability / Quality
  2. Price
  3. Selection
  4. Proven Facts
  5. Customer Service

    1.) Durability is essential to the long lasting quality of the product. Items with low durability (which happen to be most everything these days) do not last long and the customer will often times end up purchasing the item several times to replace it. This can be very costly for long term investment. We hope you think about your long term investment when purchasing products either with us or elsewhere.

    2.) The price is obviously essential when making any purchase. However, if you don't consider our first suggestion, you may end up blowing a lot of money in the long run. Our products are priced higher than some brands but lower than most. Some other brands carrying the same items as ours may be similar yet they offer lower quality products, no proven facts about them, no stats explaining how well they work with low durability and/or bad customer service and limited product options.

    When it's all said and done, time for everybody is limited on Earth therefore, who wants to spend an abundance of time searching for many deals from many vendors, some of which may have less than expected circumstances? We do our best to help you save time (which is essentially money) so you can get on with your life.

    We've literally spent a lot of time and focus on appealing to what the customer actually wants and have built this store to mold around customer expectations. We try to keep our prices affordable and often times offer discounts and coupon codes to give a little added assistance to our customers when making their purchases. 

    3.) Selection choice is very important when purchasing soundproofing products. Limited options can be frustrating. I.E. If you only had one choice of chips or chocolate when shopping at a grocery store, how would you feel? We offer various choices of soundproofing of various sizes, grades and usages. Some soundproofing is better for recording acoustic sounds or others for vocal recording whereas some is better for deadening deep noises or outside sounds. Our selection and variety is and will constantly grow as we add more inventory options.

    Let's look at it this way, If one seller has only one quarter of what you're looking for, then you must look elsewhere for the rest, spend more time doing more research and purchase time. The products will also come from several locations and if you're trying to assemble a soundproofing solution, it can sometimes be frustrating waiting for all the packages to come. Also, if you have not purchased from the vendor before, it could be hard to gauge their reliability. 

    Bottom line, one store with many options will save you time and time is money. 

    4.) Proven facts are always a primary option for anybody doing research before they purchase an item. Our products have been tested for quality of absorption, longevity and for fire hazards. Some other vendors have what looks and appears to be the same exact item, however we've often times noticed the absorption rate is lower. It will not be as effective and at best, has a mediocre performance. Our items have been tested for durability and last a long time if you treat them well. They have also been tested being lit on fire (which we don't suggest anybody doing for safety reasons) and they smolder and do not carry a flame whereas we cannot account for this quality with other vendors. We want to make sure you're not only safe but know what it is you're purchasing. 

    5.) Customer service is imperative to ensuring the customer is taken care of. Every business knows without it's amazing customers, it would not be in business. We try to offer the best customer service our customers expect in order to ensure they are satisfied with their purchase. 

    Recording Studio Soundproofed Room

    In conclusion, the quality of any product should be measured in a "Quality over Quantity" perspective, especially soundproofing materials, to help you save time, money and ease of mind in the future. _______________________________________________________________________________

    Our products have been used by award winning filmmakers in their ADR rooms, musicians that are currently going viral and needed a quality soundproof solution and even an average joe looking to dampen noise coming from their neighbors apartment. Whatever your soundproofing foam needs are, we likely have it!