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9 Types of Acoustic Soundproofing Foam and Where to Buy it!

ACOUSTIC SOUNDPROOF FOAM Curious to know about the many types of multi-purpose soundproof foam materials or where to buy it? Look no further, this blog will tell it all! Acoustic soundproofing foam will help you eliminate echoes and diminish sound frequencies that are vibrating in your room. Sounds vibrate most off flat walls with no texture and off solid floors and ceilings. If a floor or room has ceramic, it will echo louder and the sound will carry heavier and further.  Acoustic Soundproofing Foam is used to maximize on "flattening" the sound in your room so when you record or play back music, the sounds do not echo throughout the room.  Sound frequencies are of high and low nature. Low...

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9 Ways to Make Your Home Quieter with Soundproofing Materials

Are you having issues too much sound entering or echoing in your room while you're trying to record, read, or just relax and meditate? Well we'd love to help you find your peace! First off, sound in any room entering or sound within the room can be diffused in many different ways. As long as objects that are not solid and reflective are placed in a room (padded objects work best) and add dimension to it, the less sound will echo. If a room is perfectly square sound will echo more, but with even one item in the room, the sound will echo less.  Below are a 9 ways to make your home quieter with soundproofing materials. Solid Door Door...

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The Process for Mounting Acoustic Foam

What's the process for mounting acoustical foam to the subject matter? We suggest using a spray adhesive meant for strength of holding foam, or liquid nails from a home construction store. Temporary Mount: For a temporary mount, lightly use adhesive and mount. Permanent Mount: For a permanent mount, make sure to generously spray the adhesive coating on the foam without saturating it then apply it to the mounting surface exactly where you want it to permanently be. Make sure the adhesive is evenly placed and sticky before mounting to the surface. Hold it in place for a couple minutes before applying the next piece. HOW TO SPRAY AND MOUNT THE ADHESIVE PRODUCTS TO THE FOAM When using spray adhesive to mount foam...

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