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9 Ways to Make Your Home Quieter with Soundproofing Materials

Are you having issues too much sound entering or echoing in your room while you're trying to record, read, or just relax and meditate? Well we'd love to help you find your peace! First off, sound in any room entering or sound within the room can be diffused in many different ways. As long as objects that are not solid and reflective are placed in a room (padded objects work best) and add dimension to it, the less sound will echo. If a room is perfectly square sound will echo more, but with even one item in the room, the sound will echo less.  Below are a 9 ways to make your home quieter with soundproofing materials. Solid Door Door...

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"Quality Over Quantity": 5 Ways to Measure if you're getting a Quality Deal

Have you ever spent money on something only to realize it wasn't quite what you expected or the results weren't as advertised? Maybe you searched for the cheapest option hoping to save money but realized the quality wasn't to your standards? This can often times lead to frustration, having to purchase another similar product which costs more and then if possible, return the original item or eat the costs of the original purchase. This can be frustrating, and we're here to help!   We believe in "Quality over Quantity" in both physical and metaphorical sense. Quality can be determined by the quality of products, service, presentation and "best bang for your buck". Here are a few ways we measure "Quality over Quantity".   ...

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