The Process for Mounting Acoustic Foam

What's the process for mounting acoustical foam to the subject matter?
We suggest using a spray adhesive meant for strength of holding foam, or liquid nails from a home construction store.

Temporary Mount: For a temporary mount, lightly use adhesive and mount.

Permanent Mount: For a permanent mount, make sure to generously spray the adhesive coating on the foam without saturating it then apply it to the mounting surface exactly where you want it to permanently be. Make sure the adhesive is evenly placed and sticky before mounting to the surface. Hold it in place for a couple minutes before applying the next piece.


When using spray adhesive to mount foam

  • Map out your foam positioning/layout ahead of time so you know where the foam will go and how it will fit proper within your design mounting area.
  • Use a cloth, towel, cardboard or papers under the area you'll be spraying so you don't get the sticky substance on the surrounding area.
  • Make sure wherever you're mounting is clean, smooth and there is no dirt or grime on it.

Either way, make sure to wash the surface first and let it ample time to dry and/or wipe the area clean with a towel following the washing.

  • Make sure the room is a constant 71° F (21° C) for best continuous hold with adhesive. Keep this degrees constant for about 3 days for best results. 
  • Mounting to Textured Ceilings or wallpaper will not allow adhesive to hold strength and often times loses grip and falls. Make sure to sand the area first for best results.

For permanent mounting to surface:

  • Apply adhesive to both the foam and the surface you'll mounting it to
  • Within about 6-10 seconds the adhesive will become sticky
  • Be careful when placing your foam to ensure it is where you want it to permanently be then hold it firm for a couple minutes. It usually takes about 15-30 seconds for it to start bonding well. This should hold it in place, but we recommend never pulling or tugging at any piece as it could either become unmounted, tear, rip or damage the surface it's mounted to.

For mounting foam together:

  • Apply adhesive to both pieces of foam
  • Within about 6-10 seconds the adhesive will become sticky
  • Place both pieces firmly together very carefully
  • Give it about 10-12 minutes to allow bond to hold before doing any further manipulation or mounting with the foam.
  • *PLEASE NOTE*: When applying spray adhesive to your foam, it simply will not stay bonded to concrete, cinderblock or painted walls. If you have no other choice, it would be advised to use heavy-duty construction adhesive. This might cause the foam to be damaged permanently so we do not suggest this method if possible. It mounts much better to mount the foam to cardboard or plywood and then mounting the foam. Our spray adhesive will work great with substrate bonds.
  • If you need to mount to concrete, make sure to clean it well of loose particles, brush it, wash it and let it dry to clean off all loose particles before mounting. 
  • Keep in mind, no matter what method you use to mount your foam using adhesive, it may leave residue on the object you're mounting to. The stronger hold you hope to accomplish has a higher chance of tearing the foam when pulling away from the mounted subject later on after the bond hardens.
  • NOTE: We are not responsible for any damage whatsoever to your personal usage of this mounting product no matter where you use it. 

Is there any way to mount the foam without an adhesive compound?
Yes. You can use T-pins to mount directly to a wall or ceiling or you may also use a board (such as cardboard, plywood) and them mounting or hanging that to a well or from the ceiling.

We hope this helps! Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions about mounting your foam.