Customer Service


In order to assist our customers, we've decided to allow every single order no matter how large or small to always be $14.95 shipped FedEx, which is the minimum it costs for us to ship out any items. This essentially means the more you purchase, the more you save.

Return Policy

In order to file a warranty claim or return, you absolutely must have the original packing slip and receipt that is paired with your shipped order. Any product you are returning must be "like new" in exactly same manner as shipped (factory condition) for eligibility to return items. Inclusion but not limited to these elements: odors, stains, cracks, trimming, punctures or tears. Our guidelines for returning are below:

Guarantee of Return:

The effective date of the return guarantee starts at the time of the shipping date of the product or, if in store pickups, the day of pickup. The product must be exactly like it was in factory condition and any alterations what-so-ever to the product will void the product of warranty or guarantee of return. Any product you are returning must be "like new" in exactly same manner as shipped (factory condition) for eligibility to return items. Inclusion but not limited to these elements: odors, stains, cracks, trimming, punctures or tears. 

We we ship a product to you and it returns to our shipping facilities, the customer is responsible for all shipping costs involved, including offering us a correct shipping address and paying the cost of that shipping. If an item is shipped back, this will incur a second shipping cost which may exceed the original deal of $14.95 which is included with all initial pre-tax sales. Payment for shipping must be made ahead of time before the item is to be shipped (first time or additional times). If the product is purchased either online or at a physical store location and then shipped back to our store location, the customer is responsible for shipping costs. If the customer purchases a product in a physical store location and then returns the item to the store, there will be an undisputed 25% restocking fee. It should be noted that due to the way the foam is manufactured, it is normal to see slight imperfections which will not cause effects in the performance of the product overall. This is normal in the process of manufacturing the foam and should not be looked at as a reason to return the item.

Warranty Approval

After we accept a return policy, the product has three weeks (21 total days) of the pick-up date or shipping date to be physically in hand at our shipping facilities. 

We do not accept any warranty or returns based off any other manner than what is listed below:

Incorrect Order:

If for some reason you have not received the proper products you have ordered, please contact us (using the contact page) and we'll fix the mistake for you. If this is the case, Dragon Acoustics will cover all ground shipping & handling costs. Since we have so many various orders with different combos, colors and requests, it is essential you directly contact us about this matter before making a return so we can resolve it with resilience. It may be possible that we only need to ship back a fraction of the overall order instead of having a whole shipment needing replacement. We want the most cost effect, simple and positive outcome for our customers when it comes to satisfaction of our customer service. We cannot ship out any replacement products unless the customers items are already placed in the mail back to our shipping facilities with a receipt for shipping as proof. Always make sure when returning an item in a case like this, that the item is returned in factory condition otherwise we cannot replace the item or issue a refund. 

In case of confusion, we use ground shipping via FedEx for all replacement products.

Defected Items

If your item that was shipped was a correct order but has a defected item within it, it must be in our shipping facility possession within 21 calendar days of the items ship date in order to properly make a request for an exchange or return. The customer will have the responsibility of paying for shipping and handling costs to our shipping facilities and from our shipping facilities. 

Returns that have been Authorized

If the customer returns an item to our shipping facilities that has no problems on our end, the product will be subject to a 25% restocking fee and the customer will be responsible for all the shipping and handling costs incurred in the return of the item. The product must be in mint condition to be accepted for returns.

Exchanges that have been Authorized

If we authorize an exchange, the customer will be responsible for all the shipping and handling costs to and from our shipping facilities. The product will not be exchange if it is not in factory mint condition. 

The Foam's Scent

On frequent occurrence, the new foam will have a "factory fresh" smell to it as it's cut and stored with several other pieces of foam in the same area. This smell is usually only present in brand new foam. This smell does not make it ineffective for soundproofing purposes in any way, shape or form. The smell will subside over time when it has the opportunity to be aired out. Sometimes people don't notice a scent, sometimes they do. Either way, it will usually be gone within about two weeks of airing out. Since this is normal to have a fresh scent, it is not means to return the item as a defect and if it is shipped anyway, the customer is responsible for shipping and handling costs to and from our shipping facility as well as being subject to a 25% restocking fee. The item must also be in factory fresh mint condition as it was shipped to them in order for it to be accepted for a return.

Making a Return

Any products sent back for returns or warranty claims must be paired with the original receipt sent with the packing slip on the package for us to accept your order. All items we approved for returns need to be at Dragon Acoustics shipping facilities within 21 calendar days from the shipping date. Please email us with the information: Name, Phone Number, E-Mail address, Invoice Date, Invoice # and the date you are going to return the item or the photo with tracking number on receipt. Once the item has arrived at our shipping facilities, it will take about two weeks (14 days) for the order to be processed.

The customer must pay for shipping and handling costs to Dragon Acoustics shipping facilities If the foam is defective before the ending of the warranty, which can sometimes cost upwards of $99. Dragon Acoustics  only ships using ground shipping and is not responsible for the actions of the delivery service in terms of mishandling, misplacement or lost or stolen items.


Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Below are frequently asked questions we'd love to answer for you but if you don't see what you're looking for, feel free to ask us your questions by using the contact form on our website.

Can you please explain what a privacy policy is?

Sure! We will keep all information regarding the store except for credit card information which only gets used at the time of purchase. We do not share the information with other third parties for any commercial use.

How safe is using my credit card on your website?

Very safe! Our store is via Shopify which follows all legal government rules in order to protect your credit card information with the upmost care. We will never see your credit card information either. 

What's the average shipping & handling time for me to receive my order?

After the time we receive your online order it takes about 3-5 business days to process. Then we ship the package via FedEX Ground which usually takes about 5-6 business days from the time shipped to reach your address. 

What are your accepted types of payment?

The types of payment that Dragon Acoustics accepts is Mastercard, VISA, Discover and AMEX. We can also do wire transfers on extremely large orders however we cannot ship any item until the money is in our account. 

What states do you charge sales Tax?

Only in Michigan & California do we charge sales tax. All other states we do not charge sales tax.

Can you please describe open and close cell foam?

Sure! The difference between open and closed cell foam is that the open-cell foam has cell open to each other where as the closed-cell foam's cells are similar to tiny bubbles and closed off to each other.

Is it ok to wash my products?

We would absolutely not recommend that as it can damage the material thus causing it's effectiveness to be diminished. If you absolutely need to clean a few specs or stains off your product, it is possible to use a soft cleaning material meant for that type of product giving it plenty of time to dry before using it. Dragon Acoustics wants to remind you that we don't recommend any of these scenarios and if the product is ruined in the process, it will void an warranty and we cannot accept it as a return.

Where do you ship?

We ship anywhere in the continental USA (excluding Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico, which will cost more for shipping.

Disclaimer & Terms of Service

Please Note >> Always open your products as soon as possible when shipped to you because if left in the packaging for more than two weeks (14 days) it can lose it's natural shape which would cause deforming. If this happens, it is the customers responsibility and not Dragon Acoustics We will not accepted returns or exchanges if the merchandise is warped due to being left in the package too long. 

Changes to Prices, Availability & Shipping are always subject to changes without notice. We reserve the right to make any changes to our services, merchandise, photos, wording, content visual or audio and to fix any technical errors that may occur on the website as we deem fit. Any item you have ordered that may have a different price, we will hold the item and let you know about the price increase before shipping as a confirmation from the customer.

Please always make sure to use the correct shipping address that matches your credit card when using the billing option so we can match the information with what we have on film. Any invalid information will be the responsibility of the customer and may take the order longer to be shipped.

Any shipments that are late or delayed caused by mis-information of the customer at the time of purchase is the responsible for the customer. If extra costs are incurred, it will be the responsibility of the customer to pay for those costs. 

Suggestions that Dragon Acoustics has made in any of our policies or this text are merely suggestions. Dragon Acoustics and it's employees will always try to help you out any way we can without cause for liability and suggest products that go well with our own products. However any third party products we don't sell are not of our liability and anything that happens with them is under the customers own discretion. Dragon Acoustics will accept no liability for any items we have suggested that don't work out perfect the way the customer has imagined or causes damage to the product. Since it is a suggestion, there are always variables to consider so we can never 100% know the outcome, which is why it is considered a suggestion.

Errors regarding photos, videos and text may sometimes be inaccurate, even though we do our best to display our business with the upmost professionalism and attention to detail. If you notice any inaccuracies within the site, feel free to contact us using the contact form in the website. 

Dragon Acoustics is not liable for any person that causes any incidental or consequential damage, loss or liability using our products even if we have been informed or have informed you (the customer) of the product. All our products are sold "as is" and we do not issue warranties for quality performance. Dragon Acoustics does not control the website platform (Shopify) so we do not control whether or not viruses can get in, although we are assured by Shopify that it protects against online viruses. Dragon Acoustics disclaimer doesn't affect whether or not a warranty is effective, if one is issued. Under no circumstances will Dragon Acoustics total liability to you for any or all damages, losses or causes of acton (in any cases) exceed what the customer originally paid, for any merchandise specifically ordered by the customer.

We reserve the right to refuse service or sales to anybody at anytime.