Acoustic Grid Soundproofing Foam 69"x45"x2" (2 Pack)

Acoustic Grid Soundproofing Foam 69"x45"x2" (2 Pack)

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The cleanest way and simplest way to sound deadening is by utilizing our Acoustic Grid panels that have been aesthetically tiled to help reduce the sonic waves bouncing around the room. Our two pack set is sold in an interlocking set, one panel features a border while the other is edgeless. They are large enough to cover large amounts of space on a wall in one fell swoop making them easier to install and less hassle for mounting. If you were to expand your studio, they would never lose their patterns and would still keep their visual continuity. 

Set of 2: The Set of 2 consists of one "bordered" 69"x45"x2" sheet, and one 66"x43"x2" edgeless sheet.


    All acoustical products meet ASTM E84 Class A and California 117 flame retardancy specifications. In simpler terms, this means that brief exposure to fire might cause the foam to flame, it would self-extinguish. 

    We do not encourage anyone to try fire retardancy tests due in any way, shape or form. Always make sure to check building codes to meet your area's regulation codes before installing any acoustic foam purchase from us.