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Monitor Isolation Wedges (Various Combos)

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It is proven fact that by using monitor isolation speakers, you will improve the quality of sound from your speakers and monitors. These wedges dampen auxiliary vibrations by separating your monitors from the hard surfaces. Our wedges standard angle is 4 degrees, however by stacking them, the objects on them are able to be placed on a flat surface at 0 degrees or at an 8 degree angle. Two wedges next to each other can hold up to 100 pounds. 

Our pack of eight wedges allows for more versatility in where you will be able to position your monitors and speakers. In this package we provide four lipped wedges with an additional four slightly smaller lipless wedges, equally eight wedges in total. The lipless wedges will allow you to add or subtract four degrees of surface angle at your leisure. We think of safety first so we do not recommend you use these wedges to create an angles larger than 8 degrees with items placed on them. 


    All acoustical products meet ASTM E84 Class A and California 117 flame retardancy specifications. In simpler terms, this means that brief exposure to fire might cause the foam to flame, it would self-extinguish. 

    We do not encourage anyone to try fire retardancy tests due in any way, shape or form. Always make sure to check building codes to meet your area's regulation codes before installing any acoustic foam purchase from us.