Triangle Soundproofing Wedges 4" (Various Colors & Quantities)
Triangle Soundproofing Wedges 4" (Various Colors & Quantities)

Triangle Soundproofing Wedges 4" (Various Colors & Quantities)

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Our most popular acoustic foam, wedge foam outperforms and outlasts the competition at affordable pricing. Because our foam is machine cut, you can expect it to be nearly identical, side to side. Wedge foam provides outstanding sound absorption qualities, a professional appearance and minimal installation effort.

This four inch wedge foam is effective against flutter echoes and standing waves in rooms such as vocal booths, control rooms and studios. The triangle wedge is also a great full frequency bandwidth absorber for any size of room when it's paired with corner blocks, bass traps or male/female broadband absorbers. They can also help absorb sound frequencies omitting from the other side of doors or by building panels that can moved around instead of mounted on walls.

We offer many variant packages and sizes of this particular style of triangle wedge foam. 

We also offer this product in 14colors. 

  • Charcoal
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Purple
  • Plum
  • Burgundy
  • Brown
  • Teal
  • Kelly Green
  • Forest Green
  • Rosey Beige

*Overall NRC Rating = 0.80


All acoustical products meet ASTM E84 Class A and California 117 flame retardancy specifications. In simpler terms, this means that brief exposure to fire might cause the foam to flame, it would self-extinguish. 

We do not encourage anyone to try fire retardancy tests due in any way, shape or form. Always make sure to check building codes to meet your area's regulation codes before installing any acoustic foam purchase from us.